Testimonial from W. Mykian to Joanne Justis
Numerologist Extraordinaire

Joanne Justis, you are a Numerologist extraordinaire. And it is most difficult for me to have to limit my praise and appreciation of your presence, intelligence, and dedication to your profession, but I will. Amongst the most amazing things about you, Joanne, is your brilliance of mind and heart, followed closely by the depth and breadth of your abilities, talents, knowledge, and understanding of Numerology and its importance for the experiences unfolding before us. You take being “astute” to new levels. You are articulate. You have a wonderful command of the language and your knowledge, experience and depth of “knowing” are impeccably evident in the manner in which you comport yourself.

Many years ago, I wrote “Numerology Made Easy,” never dreaming that someone as brilliantly competent, talented, and intuitive as you would ever be following in my footsteps, let along take Numerology to new and higher levels of understand and meaning. As you know, I worked with your mother before I knew of your presence. She had a dream of establishing a Website and Numerology software program that would offer a new opportunity for many, many people to find and confirm the true path toward their greatest good. It became your dream and I am fortunate that I have been given a blessed opportunity to work with you. And through the great love and passion for your work, determination, focus and dedication to making it the best, your dream is now a reality.

In my opinion, your Numbers R U Website is the most unique, profound, and important development in the history of Numerology. The Numerology charts you generate from your computer program are imbued with all of the elements needed to “see” the specific design and blueprint of each person’s life experiences. This is made possible through your brilliantly conceived and thoroughly developed software program that embodies the most revealing secrets of the ancient science of Numerology.

From the time that I first experienced your work and from the many exchanges that we have had, I discovered that you also have an amazing innate ability to communicate in all types of environments in exactly the same way that you talk with people in a one-on-one personal conversation, including all of the feelings, excitement, enthusiasm, and intensity of your expression. This will be evidently true whether you are lecturing, giving radio interview, involved in consultations, entertaining at parties, writing, or teaching. You are always upfront and personal, never looking down at anyone, always having others’ best interests at heart, operating in your life with the deep desire to help others put their lives in order, and inspiring people to move forward with their lives.

W. Mykian, Author of “Numerology Made Easy” 2004


It is customary in our families to write a letter on the first day of the New Year to the one person who has most significantly, in a positive way, affected one’s life during the past year, expressing gratitude and forwarding best wishes.

So, I write you this January. The wisdom you have given me through your readings, also with the generosity that accompanied the whole, made it possible for us to practically resolve most of the problems that burdened us, to the point that life has become almost normal. There are still some minor challenges but with tons of patience, following the right path that you laid out for us in your reading, they will be overcome, of which I am confident.

I would like to thank you once more for your generosity and for believing that you do the right thing in extending your reading to me at no charge when I was in desperate need and could not afford your services.


Dear Joanne

With tears in my eyes, l feel so blessed to have had this session with you. You have given me so much inspiration, and l honestly feel your caring, and that’s what the tears are for. I feel so joyful and so grateful that l shared this special time with you!

Thank you for your warmth and encouragement,

With much love Thelma

Dearest Joanne,
“Thank you” are merely inadequate words of appreciation when I try to express my sincere gratitude for ALL the insight you provided me during my reading.  Bless you for sharing your Gift!!!




Just want to give you an enormous heartfelt thank you.  The information you gave me is very powerful and I know it will help me to stay focused.

Thank you for everything!  Cheers!  All Blessings to You Always!


Dear Joanne,

Your insight was as correct as it was entertaining. I could not have imagined what the outcome of the reading would be. Thank you so much!  As lots of my life could have gone better, had I known earlier what I know now after many trials and errors, I am thinking of offering your insight to members of my family who stand on crossroads.

Best wishes and regards,



Thank You So Much for Your Incredible Insights! I now feel so much Clearer!!!…and Confident about my choices…and Ready to take Action!!!



Thank you so much for your time this morning, Joanne. The charts and your analyses were so absolutely spot-on, and just what we need right now as we decide what’s next for us. We’re ready to move on, but with a better understanding of where to and why we feel (gently) pulled in certain directions. What a blessing to have found you! I’ve been trying to think of a word to describe how I feel post-charts/analysis–I think it is “awakened”. If I thought I understood why I am as I am, now I actually know and can see it clearly and objectively.

Thanks again!


Dear Joanne,

Well, I am resonating on a higher frequency after your comprehensive consultation of my chart yesterday! In all my 74 years I have never felt any one including all my many therapists, teachers or counselors, really understanding where I was coming from.  The amazing thing is, I didn’t know myself!  You gave face to my underlying passion and helped me realize it as what I have been given to do in this life time!  That puts a whole new light on everything!

What a difference I feel by being given hope that I was given a purpose at birth! No wonder you love what you are doing!  I love it too!  Thank you for sharing it so enthusiastically with me!  I feel I can write “Love Lil” with real integrity now!

Much Love and gratitude…


Hi Joanne,

Just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your work and the time you spent with me yesterday.  How can I explain this but to say, my soul now feels complete.  I meditated on the “creative” thing we discussed and found that I would love to work more with photography. That feels right to me and hope it “completes” me even more.

Thank you so much once again!


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