Personal Development

Product Offer #1

Comprehensive Life Blueprint Report

For Individuals who go by their Birth Name

Offer includes:
(1) Life Blueprint and a 60-minute recorded phone consultation

A Life Blueprint is assigned to all human beings at birth based on your name and date of birth and represents an individual’s full potential in their lifetime. This is a comprehensive report and a complete character analysis.

Cost: $259.00

Product Offer #2

Basic Life Blueprint Chart

For Individuals who have legally changed their birth name

Offer includes:
(2) Basic Life Blueprints and a 60-minute recorded phone consultation

This is a Life Blueprint but a shorter version of the comprehensive report (character analysis). Because you’ve legally changed your name, you will need two reports; one for your birth name, and the other for your current legal name to learn the effect of that name change.

Cost: $249.00

Product Offer #3

Essence Chart

For individuals wanting to understand their life experiences

Offer includes:
(1) Essence chart and a 45-minute recorded phone consultation

This report tracks your entire life experiences on a yearly basis from “Age 1” to your “Current Age” plus “5” Years into the future. It’s a holistic look at where you started, where you’ve traveled, where you are, and five years into the future. If you have legally changed your name, then you will be gifted the second chart.

Cost: $249.00

Well over 75 years of combined work by three Chaldean Masters are invested in the accuracy of our calculations with the intent of sharing our knowledge with the rest of the world.

This package is the scientific approach to selecting a successful business name that is made up of positive energy frequencies. Choosing this method verses the traditional method of blindly picking a name you like will provide you with a precise blueprint of whether or not you’ve chosen a prize-winning name that comes with the financial numbers for success.

This package will enable you to know if you’ve made a right decision in selecting the best name for you. If the new name is not compatible with your birth name, frequency wise, you will experience internal power struggles. Using Chaldean mathematics to decipher the code to find out if the birth name and chosen name are truly compatible is the only way to ensure that the name choice you are considering is the desirable name for you.

This package is perfect for wanting to check out a person of interest to see if he or she would be a good match for you. You will learn how that person is wired from the inside out – not just the external personality and appearance. Chemistry is important as it draws you to someone initially. Learning the characteristics and behavioral traits of a particular individual before you invest your emotion, time, and money is life changing. This is an invaluable way to get a glimpse upfront into the overall true behavior of that person to see if you would be compatible.

This package provides the opportunity to evaluate the compatibility of two individuals in a relationship. It’s the fastest way to learn more about each other’s behavioral traits for better understanding on what to expect from each other and to improve communications with the information gleaned from the reports.

NRU offers three types of personal development packages that include two Life Blueprints (comprehensive and basic) – a complete character analysis – and an Essence report that tracks your experiences yearly from “Age 1” to your “Current Age” plus “5” Years into the future. The blueprints represent the big picture of who you really are and the essence report is a holistic look at your entire life; where you started, where you’ve traveled, where you are, and five years into the future.