About Us

Well over 75 years of collaboration from three Master Numerologists

William Mykian
Chaldean Master Numerologist

Author of Numerology Made Easy
Co-author of Numbers-The Powerful Bridge Beyond:
Chaldean Numerology for the New Millennium

William Mykian

First, a special recognition and thanks to William Mykian, author of his book entitled, “Numerology Made Easy,” for giving my mother special permission in the 1980s to refer to his work which was the basis for writing and completing her computer program. Mykian’s devotion in seeking the truth and his years of research and teachings are to be admired.

He has given mankind a “priceless” gift to those who are aware of his work and are seeking a better understanding of the blueprint assigned to all of us at birth.

William and I teamed up to write, “Numbers-The Powerful Bridge Beyond: Chaldean Numerology for the New Millennium” to be used as a reference guide for those who seek in-depth knowledge on learning more about Chaldean Numerology and how this information can alter your life in a positive way.

Betty Jane Gibson

Original Founder of Numbers R U in 1984

Next, I would like to recognize my mother, Betty, for her contribution and work in pursuing the truth about Chaldean Numerology and her dream of helping people through the use of this number system by providing guidance, advice and clarity to those seeking the path in understanding their life’s blueprint.

Although this recognition comes much later in life, the importance was to validate during her lifetime that we will preserve and carry on her work.

My mother had unselfishly devoted her entire life to supporting family, friends, and strangers that had ultimately led her to completing her journey for seeking knowledge that she first embarked on so many years ago.

With all of the obstacles my mother had to overcome in her lifetime, Chaldean Numerology helped pave the rough road to understanding and acceptance.

Betty Jane Gibson
Chaldean Master Numerologist
(1923 – 2018)

Dr. Joanne Justis

Co-author of Numbers–The Powerful Bridge Beyond: Chaldean Numerology for the New Millennium

Dr. Joanne Justis

Author, Mathematician
Founder & CEO

Joanne is a gifted metaphysical intuitive who proved that a coded mathematical algorithm containing the imprint of your entire life does indeed exist. She took Chaldean mathematics, an esoteric science, and developed algorithms and wrote them into her proprietary software program. Technology has allowed her to produce unique dynamic personal development reports with precise accuracy. Dr. Justis is dedicated to assisting individuals in their personal development. She is a worldwide authority on Chaldean mathematics, author and popular speaker, has amassed well over twenty thousand life-changing personal consultations and published two books on the subject.

With A Doctorate Degree in Psychology of Metaphysics and Esoteric Science studies, degrees in Miracle Mastery programs, and an extensive background in Marketing Communications and Operations, Joanne is a logistic expert by trade and an intuitive by birth.

The material content and accuracy of the NRU calculations are based on well over 75 years of combined experiences shared by this collaboration team with a goal to set the record straight on the most accurate number system and to dispel the misinformation surrounding Numerology throughout time.

Well over 75 years of combined work by three Chaldean Masters are invested in the accuracy of our calculations with the intent of sharing our knowledge with the rest of the world.

This package is the scientific approach to selecting a successful business name that is made up of positive energy frequencies. Choosing this method verses the traditional method of blindly picking a name you like will provide you with a precise blueprint of whether or not you’ve chosen a prize-winning name that comes with the financial numbers for success.

This package will enable you to know if you’ve made a right decision in selecting the best name for you. If the new name is not compatible with your birth name, frequency wise, you will experience internal power struggles. Using Chaldean mathematics to decipher the code to find out if the birth name and chosen name are truly compatible is the only way to ensure that the name choice you are considering is the desirable name for you.

This package is perfect for wanting to check out a person of interest to see if he or she would be a good match for you. You will learn how that person is wired from the inside out – not just the external personality and appearance. Chemistry is important as it draws you to someone initially. Learning the characteristics and behavioral traits of a particular individual before you invest your emotion, time, and money is life changing. This is an invaluable way to get a glimpse upfront into the overall true behavior of that person to see if you would be compatible.

This package provides the opportunity to evaluate the compatibility of two individuals in a relationship. It’s the fastest way to learn more about each other’s behavioral traits for better understanding on what to expect from each other and to improve communications with the information gleaned from the reports.

NRU offers three types of personal development packages that include two Life Blueprints (comprehensive and basic) – a complete character analysis – and an Essence report that tracks your experiences yearly from “Age 1” to your “Current Age” plus “5” Years into the future. The blueprints represent the big picture of who you really are and the essence report is a holistic look at your entire life; where you started, where you’ve traveled, where you are, and five years into the future.