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Recognition of Two Authors' Work in the Field of Chaldean Mathematics of Sound:

W. Mykian

First, a special recognition and thanks to W. Mykian, author of the book entitled "Numerology Made Easy," for giving my mother special permission years ago to refer to and recommend his book which was the basis for writing and completing her computer program. Mykian's devotion in seeking the truth and his years of research and teachings are to be admired. He has given mankind a "priceless" gift to those who are aware of his work and are seeking a better understanding of what the vibrational blueprint we are born with really means. Mykian and I teamed up to write, "Numbers-The Powerful Bridge Beyond: Chaldean Numerology for the New Millennium" to be used as a reference guide and encyclopedia for those who seek in-depth knowledge on learning more about Chaldean Numerology and how this information can alter your destiny in a positive way.

 William Mykian
Chaldean Master Numerologist
Author of Numerology Made Easy

Co-author Numbers-The Powerful Bridge Beyond:
Chaldean Numerology for the New Millennium


Betty Jane Gibson - Original Founder of Numbers R U

Next, I would like to recognize my mother for her contribution and work in pursuing a dream of helping people through the use of Numerology by providing guidance, advice and clarity to those seeking the path in understanding their life's destiny. My mother has unselfishly devoted her entire life to supporting family, friends and strangers that has led her to almost completing the journey for seeking knowledge that she first embarked on so many years ago. Although this recognition comes much later in life, the importance now is to validate during her lifetime that we will preserve and carry on her work. With all of the obstacles my mother has had to overcome in her lifetime, Numerology has helped pave the rough road to understanding and acceptance.

Betty Jane Gibson
Chaldean Master Numerologist
(1923 - 2018)  

Joanne Justis - Owner Numbers R U

Chaldean Mathematics is the most effective resource tool on the market today that can provide exact laser-focused information. Combining modern computer technology, mathematics and the Chaldean Alphabet Code, Numbers R U has developed products that accurately and successfully capture a way to reveal to you the coded secrets that lie hidden within our alphabet (reverse engineering: turning letters into assigned numbers and apply mathematical formulas based on breaking the Chaldean Code).

There are no other resources or tools being offered from any other company that can top the type of information that Numbers R U offers. The material content and accuracy of our calculations are based on well over 75 years of combined experience between three masters who have teamed up to share our work with the world. In addition, we have written and published what has become known as the industry standard book on Chaldean Numerology or the "sacred" book of numbers.

Joanne Justis
Chaldean Mathematician
Co-author: Numbers-The Powerful Bridge Beyond:
Chaldean Numerology for the New Millennium
Author: What Every Parent-to-be Should Know About Baby Naming
The Hidden Truth And How It Will Affect Your Baby!


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