Book Release 2007

Numbers-The Powerful Bridge Beyond:
Chaldean Numerology for the New Millennium


Written by Joanne Justis and W. Mykian

This book was written to share with the world the gift of Chaldean metrics, a decoding system based on sound and phonics handed down to us from brilliant mathematical scholars. They were well beyond their years in what they knew, leaving us with a secret legacy and wealth of information that is so powerful, it’s simply magic or rather—beyond magic! It’s time to share this information we have with the rest of the world regardless of how controversial the subject matter may be and so finally, the truth shall be made known at long last as set forth in our book based on historical facts. 

Well over 75 years of combined work from three master Chaldean Decoders are invested in the writing of this book with the intent of sharing unrevealed knowledge about what we have discovered, the results of our experiences, case studies and investigations that have lead us to developing new and innovative enhancements for calculating the formulas.This ia a straightforward approach to generating the most accurate reports of all times, and an in-depth presentation on taking Chaldean Mathematics to new levels never before attained.The improvements we've made supporting the formulas, without changing the original Chaldean alphabet formula, are so accurate that it's chilling to think this age-old science has remained pretty much a secret and misunderstood until now.     

We will bring forth our historical finds and present a restatement of history through a timeline as it really occurred, and prove that there is only one correct system of numbers--Chaldean Mathematics.


"Of the various approaches to numerology, Chaldean Numerology is the most accurate as well as the most elegant system. If asked, Chaldean Numerology is the system we suggest or recommend."
- Jach Pursel, Channel for Lazaris

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Book Description:

A complete encyclopedia on the subject of Numerology including the history of where Numerology began, so-called systems of numbers (Numerology) but specifically, step-by-step instructions on the rules of using the formulas and Chaldean Numerology.


After years of searching for a comprehensive book on Chaldean metrics, I have finally found it in Numbers - The Powerful Bridge Beyond. I have researched Pythagorean and Kabbalistic Numerology, and Chaldean Numerology to some extent, but questions I didn't even know I had were answered in this book, which is more of an operating manual than a simple guide. I actually took a few months to test the principles in the book on addresses, people, and pets, and each time the calculations proved accurate! One of the authors, Joanne Justis, provided me with an in-depth, incredibly accurate and thought-provoking consultation that led me to purchase this book. Unlike other readings, the information she explained extended beyond the formulas and explanations in her book. This book is a perfect catalyst to a deeper understanding of the art of numerology. It is now on my personal permanent library shelf."

Terrah W.

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