Chaldean Mathematical Science  

What You Should Know About the Chaldean Science of Numbers

Chaldean Mathematics is closely related to the Vedic system of India and to the Qaballic system of the Jewish Mystics. This system of numbers is based on the fact that letters representing sound (phonetics) have vibrational patterns, and that there are corresponding numbers which identify these vibrational patterns. The patterns are then translated into a language that can be understood and used by everyone. The language provides you with a unique "blueprint" of talents, abilities, and challenges that ask to be expressed in this lifetime. 

                              * It's a proven ancient science of numbers based on sound vibrations  
                              * It's an coding system incorporated into the Hebrew alphabet  
                              * It's traced back to October 4004 BCE where history first records
                              * It's universal to all cultures
                              * It's a brillian mathematical formula; it has nothing to do with religion
                              * It's a fact that everything in the Universe is named and numbered
                              * It's an a science used to decode and extract information
                              * It's the best kept secret of all times

                              Very few masters exist in the world who know how to use this science.

Can Lucky Numbers be Calculated?

The answer is no! In Chaldean Mathematics, there is no such thing as a lucky number--a number is neither lucky or unlucky, it is simply a vibrational pattern. Individuals may relate to a number that appears to bring them luck but that's all it is; a chance happening.

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