Two Recognized Versions of Number Systems

Before you begin this journey of self-discovery through numbers, it's important to know that there are two formal versions of Numerology in use today; the Chaldean and Pythagorean or Western number systems. Each version calculates your personal information differently; and therefore, gives you a different interpretation and result of your life. The accuracy of your reading will depend on which system produces your chart and reading. The two number systems are described below.


Chaldean Ancient System of Numbers

Chaldean Mathematics were originally developed in Ancient Babylon and assigns the number value by sound as compared to the Western system, which assigns the number value by the sequence of the Western alphabet.

The Chaldean number system uses a number formula based on calculating 1 - 8 versus the Western number system of calculating 1 - 9. The "9" in Chaldean Numerology is considered to be a holy number because numbers 1 - 8 make up "9" and therefore is kept apart from other vibrations, except when it results as the sum of vibrations (e.g., from an individual's complete name). Single-digit numbers represent the "outer" aspects of a person, while double-digit numbers reveal the "inner" influences.

Documented long-term research by many Chaldean authors who originally practiced Western Numerology and converted have continued to validate the accuracy of Chaldean Numerology above all the recognized number systems available today. This system will provide you with an accurate blueprint of your destiny.

The truth about Chaldean Mathematics is not widespread but many western practitioners have discovered their system to be flawed; therefore, migrating from Western to Chaldean Numerology. Each Chaldean author wrote his/her book based on how they practiced Numerology without knowing the rules of the system, so each copied each other's errors and passed those errors down from one author to another--until now!

Western System of Numbers

The Western number system was thought to have been discovered by Pythagoras, famous Greek philosopher, mystic, mathematician, astronomer in the period 600 B.C. However, from some earlier recordings, the origins may have even predated Pythagoras.

Pythagoras taught that there was a definite relationship of numbers to one's total life experience. He studied under the Jewish Mystics and the Gurus of India and had been initiated into many of the mysteries of the spiritual teachers of the East who had both used and taught their system of numbers. Later on in life, he founded a school to pass on the mystical sciences to Western students that was based on knowledge from his travels and learned studies. The school was run by a religious brotherhood on the basis of a belief system derived from mathematics, astronomy, physics and philosophy.

Unfortunately, very little of Pythagoras' teachings survived after his school was burned down other than a story told by Philolaus, a student believed to have studied under Pythagoras. It is suspected that after Pythagoras' death, Philolaus declared that a certain system of numbers (we assume his) had been developed and blessed by Pythagoras before his death. Philolaus proclaimed Pythagoras as the "Father" of Western Numerology and for over 2,500 years, people accepted this declaration as valid since there was never any evidence to disprove this claim nor to challenge it.

The Western number system assigns the number value by the sequence of the Western alphabet and uses a number formula based on calculating 1 - 9. Years of experience proved that this method is not as accurate as the Chaldean method. The Western alphabet assignment totally discounts the most important aspect of Numerology--the concept of vibration and the numerical designation of each vibrational pattern. As a result, the Western number system virtually destroys the direction in which our lives are unfolding.



Chaldean Mathematics is a respected, proven and ancient “science” that defines who you are and what your destiny is by using numbers in a certain way. The Chaldean number system uses the unique vibrations of the numbers based on sound calculated from your name and birthdate to provide insight and to assist you in living a more successful and meaningful life.

We know we are providing you with the most accurate readings possible based on well over 75 years collectively of feedback through consultations using the Chaldean number system. However, there is no information or system that is infallible. Readings are always subordinate to the individual's belief system and their power to choose who they are now and what they would like to become. The ultimate results depend solely on the past, present and future actions, thoughts, and way of life of the person concerned.

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