Chaldean Mathematical Science  

History and Mission

Numbers R U is an innovative company dedicated to assisting individuals in discovering their unique purpose and talents and seeing the big picture of who they really are. We developed a powerful, cutting-edge and proprietary toolset which allows individuals to understand themselves and their amazing purpose, their relationships, life's path, and what matters most to you.

NRU developed a very sophisticated algorithm on the Chaldean mathematics of sound, which produces a personalized report we call a blueprint. The core of the blueprint is generated by an ancient analytical algorithm capable of revealing a life blueprint unique to each individual. The Chaldean alphabet and formulas were originally discovered in 4000 BCE and rediscovered with enhancements after decades of research and experimentation. Your blueprint is accurate from childhood to advanced age and any individual can utilize its value at any point along the way.

NRU went to great lengths to make sure you get the very best comprehensive assessment (character analysis) available after over 75 years of perfecting the mathematical algorithms to insure they perform flawlessly and with precision. Rigorous scientific evidence, client-case studies, experiences and investigations have been conducted throughout nearly a century to ensure our technology is the best.

We are a collection of computer technology, polymaths, business strategists, marketeers, mathematicians, and socially aware individuals who contribute to the performance of NRU's scientifically - and mathematically - validated programs.

Because every person is unique, so is the NRU blueprint generated for your use. As a result, we offer the very best options for you, your family, friends, or for partner matching.  


We are dedicated to providing the best tools possible to empower human beings to create a new future for themselves and for the world based on true understanding of our own complexities and the complexities of those around us.  


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