Entertainment for 
Parties or Special Events

Looking for Unique Entertainment at Your Next Party? We've Got It!

Entertain your guests with something unique and lots of fun--Numerology charts by Numbers R U! Our charts and readings are a very creative way of making your party a hit and memorable for a long time to come, plus it's a great form of entertainment.

Everyone wants to know something about themselves, and your guests will love having their personal charts done, on-the-fly! Whether it's for a special occasion, personal party or business event, we add lots for excitement and fun to your evening.

We are set up to do a computerized demo at your party and can do many short readings on a first-come, first-served basis.Your guests will be given pertinent information tailored to what questions they ask, so your guests will be receiving a wonderful gift of value while they are entertained.

If you want your event to be talked about for some time and are looking for an original way to entertain your guests, give us a call to learn more about entertaining by reading your guests charts, on-the-fly.

This is a custom product for Parties or Special Occasions

Many of our products are customized; therefore, if this package does not meet with your requirements, please give us a call at 408-399-3101 for more information and pricing of our nonstandard products. We also offer multi-product discounts.

                                           Please call us direct to place your order.

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