Picking the Right Date for any Event
(Weddings, Travel, Surgeries etc.)

Getting Married? Traveling? Going into Surgery? Planning a Business Function?

You should know that everything in the Universe is associated with energy or vibrational patterns, and numbers are no different. Numbers radiate either positive or negative energy, so choosing the wrong date can have an adverse impact on you and/or your event without you even knowing it--and spoil your event.

The "key" to planning a successful event is to first "test" the dates you have selected for your event to insure that the date you have chosen will be positive versus negative energy. Let us help you find the best date for going into surgery, getting married, planning a business event, traveling etc. Don't take a chance and pick a date without first testing it through us.

Based on the type of event, surgery versus a wedding for example, we would have to know more about the event in order to quote this package as it is very customized to the occasion and the individual's Personal Day Numbers.

Charts are customized to the client's requirements and therefore are not shown. Below is the pricing for the product package that we offer. Pricing is based upon Client's requirements and event.

Package I - This is a Custom Product - Call for Pricing

»  Testing of dates for your event
»  Comparative date analysis
»  Custom chart emailed in PDF format
30-Minute recorded phone consultation

Products are electronically delivered

Pricing Based Upon Client's Requirements

Many of our products are customized; therefore, if this package does not meet with your requirements, please give us a call at 408-399-3101 for more information and pricing of our nonstandard products. We also offer multi-product discounts.

                                          Please call us direct to place your order.

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