Picking the Right Address Location

What Your Address Location Reveals?

You might be surprised to learn that the numbers of your home address or business location reveal the vibrational patterns inside your home/office and the combination of the street numbers and the street name reveal the vibrational patterns of the surrounding area (neighborhood). Numerology provides yet another unique tool that can provide definitive information not found anywhere else that may save you from the heartache and financial loss of moving into the wrong location.

Before you make the final decision on picking a location for personal or business use, you will want to consult with us to determine what the vibrational patterns are coming from a particular address location. The "key" to your success in picking the right property is a quick calculation that can save you from a making a big mistake that you will regret.

Charts are customized to the client's requirements and therefore are not shown. Below is the pricing for the product packages that we offer:

Package I - Purchase of 1 Address Location Chart ($49.00)

Client provides one address location to be tested
»  Custom chart is emailed in PDF format
»  15-Minute recorded phone consultation

Products are electronically delivered

Package II - Purchase of 3 Address Location Charts ($149.00)

»  Testing of three address locations
»  Comparative address location analysis
»  Custom chart is emailed in PDF forma
 »  20-minute recorded phone consultation

Products are electronically delivered

Many of our products are customized; therefore, if this package does not meet with your requirements, please give us a call at 408-399-3101 for more information and pricing of our nonstandard products. We also offer multi-product discounts.

                                                 Please call us direct to place your order.

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