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Choosing the Right Name for Your Business Ventures, Company or Products

Business naming is more important than you know. You would think the name you select would ideally reflect the value and uniqueness of the product or service being offered, be easy to pronounce, and distinguish you from your competition. However, the most important criteria, if it were widely known, is for the name to resonate with positive vibrational patterns, making it a successful and winning name. There’s a lot of controversy and theory over what is the best method used to develop a “winning” business name--is it traditional or scientific?

With the traditional approach, you are signing up for a chance to win or lose but the worst part is you will never know what that name calculates to be, so it's like trying to "pin" a tail on the donkey--it's hit or miss. The scientific method, using Chaldean Numerology to decipher the code on the other hand, will provide you with an exact blueprint so you will know if the name you've selected is a winner or not and that's provided you have chosen the right practitioner and number system to begin with.

What's key is "testing" the name prior to assigning it. Let us help you to analyze the names you love that will attract and vibrate success. Our business charts were developed to determine the success of a name so the guess work has been taken out of the equation.

So What's in a Business Name? Your future $uccess!

Below is our sample chart and pricing for the three product packages that we offer:

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    Business Naming Chart   

Package I - Testing of 1 Business Name ($99.00)

 »  Client provides one name to be "tested"
 »  Chart is emailed in PDF format
 » Chart comes with 15-minute consultation
  Products are electronically delivered

Package II - Flat Rate Purchase of Business Names ($899.00)

Working with client's requirements to generate one business name
 »  Successful names generated to choose from
 »  Comparative name analysis
 »  Charts are emailed in PDF format
 »  45-minute recorded phone consultation

Products are electronically delivered

Package III - Flat Rate Corporate Branding ($2,500.00)

Working with client's requirements on name selections
 »  Successful names generated to choose from
 »  Comparative name analysis
 »  Charts are emailed in PDF format
 »  Recorded phone consultation based on requirements and number of names ordered

Products are electronically delivered
  Pricing based upon requirements

Many of our products are customized; therefore, if this package does not meet with your requirements, please give us a call at 408-399-3101 for more information and pricing of our nonstandard products. We also offer multi-product discounts.

                                          Please call us direct to place your order.

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