Adoptive Naming Evaluation


Name Changes Are More Complex Than You Know

Making sure the birthname and the name change are compatible is "essential." A name change requires that the name selected be compatible with the baby's birth name.

Did you know that the name you choose for your adoptive child imprints a very specific spiritual master plan for your child's entire life? When you change the birthname, you actually alter the child's personal characteristics/traits from his/her original blueprint which can affect your child by causing internal power struggles as a result of a name change. It takes nine years for a new name to resonate 100%. After nine years, the new name becomes dominant and an overlay influence on top of the birth blueprint. If the two blueprints are not compatible, meaning they may be in conflict, then there will be internal conflicts. The conflict will become more noticeable as the child gets older.

Parents can now "test" the adoptive name by comparing the characteristics/traits from the birthname to those of the adoptive name to see what the effect is the name change will have on that child--prior to assigning the name. The information provided in this character analysis will not only educate you on the importance of naming but will provide you with the type of details that will enable you to make the "right" decision on whether or not to change your child's birthname. Wouldn't you want to help ensure that the name you ultimately pick will help keep your child on a positive, successful path? Our adoptive charts illuminate the subtle affects of a name and enable the adoptive parents to select exactly what the characteristics/traits are and the experience they wish to gift to their child as a result of the names they finalize.

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Basic Birth Chart

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