Baby Naming Evaluation

What Parents Should Know Before Assigning Their Baby's Name

The name you choose for your baby imprints a very specific spiritual master plan for your child’s entire life. Our Baby Naming Charts with a “Twist” illuminate the subtle affects of a name, enabling the parent to select exactly the characteristics and the experiences they wish to gift to their child as a result of the name they pick.

We offer Baby Naming Charts that are a "twist" different from any other baby naming resources on the market today. With well over seventy-five years of combined expertise as Master Numerologists, we have developed a sophisticated, state-of-the art computer program that gives us the tools to virtually strip a name down to its core, analyze the components, and then "read" the name back in such a way (based on mathematical formulas) that allows you to know your baby's three "core" characteristics (Soul Desire, Personality and Purpose) and Soul Qualities derived from the name itself. Simply put, we have reverse engineered converting the letters of a name into assigned numbers and applying mathematical formulas, turning the name into a partial, personalized blueprint as a result of the secrets that lay hidden within a name or name and birthdate when calculated together, once the baby has been born.

Choosing the name of the baby should be the sole responsibility of the parents or guardian and no one else; therefore, we do not suggest names. We will however, "evaluate" each name given to us and do a comparative name analysis on what each name calculates to be, working with different spellings of a name to develop the baby name that will resonate best with the parents.

To "evaluate" a name prior to birth without a birthdate, we can only provide a partial blueprint or the three "core" characteristics which are the primary characteristics of the given name. After your infant is born, we highly recommend that parents order their baby's full blueprint or character analysis to give them more insight into their child's behavioral patterns so they can influence their child in a more positive way during the most important stages of their child's life.

We Offer a Comparative Baby Name Analysis of Multiple Baby Names 

This is one of our customized products, so please give us a call at 408-399-3101 for more information and pricing of our nonstandard products.

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