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"When choosing a name for their baby, Parents-to-be need to know about the immense influence a name can have over their child's destiny. The information in this book will guide you as you make a once in a lifetime decision that is the most powerful blessing you can give your child. Please respect the essence of this power by reading this book before you officially put your baby's name on the birth certificate."

-The Metaphysical Mother Robin Alexis, author of RAISING HUMANITY &

RADIO® with Robin Alexis


Dear Joanne,

This is a long overdue testimonial on baby naming. My husband and I went through a tough time picking out and then agreeing on a baby name for our son. He was adamant about the names he picked but then, so was I. It’s hard to believe that you generated in excess of 25 baby charts to “test” each name we provided. The problem was that each name my husband selected, calculated to be very aggressive and powerful numbers and I felt our son needed more balance with a different mix of characteristics. Hence, we were not in agreement but what a difference it made for us to read each baby chart with the information you provided for each name.

A friend of mine gave me your book, “What Every Parent-to-be Should Know about Baby Naming: The Hidden Truth and How It Will Affect Your Baby!” At first, I was more shocked at what I read about the fact that parents can influence picking the personal traits of their child by the naming convention alone. Well, my husband and I are very much a fan and believer of your work as a result of going through your process for baby naming and it is my intent to pass this information along to those who are receptive to learning what we have about the importance of “testing” names prior to deciding on a name, and as you have said, – a name is a priceless gift for life.

We will highly recommend your services.

N. and T. Flagherty, VT

Thank you Joanne for all of the time and effort you put into helping my husband and I decide on a name for our daughter.

As you know, my husband has never been keen on metaphysical sciences such as astrology or numerology, so when I approached him on wanting to investigate looking into using Numerology as a basis for generating names--after hearing you on the radio--he was not at all happy. What convinced me to contact you was after listening to you on Darkness Radio and the readings you did over the air. It was just by luck that I happened to tune in the night you were on but unfortunately, my husband was not home at that time. After explaining to my husband what I’d heard about naming, I had him listen to the show recording and although he was not sure about testing using a mathematical formula to come up with baby names, he went along with me anyway because he knows that I am intuitive and felt so strongly about this.

My husband is an engineer so he understands the principles of math and after talking to you more about your process and just how you come up with the end result, he wanted to learn more about Numerology and is currently reading up on subject. Your timing was incredible for us in deciding on a name before our baby was born but mostly because we now have a thorough understanding of how the name will affect our child for life. In addition, my husband has become more open to nonstandard practices as he calls them and is at least willing to look into a subject that prior to he would not have.

Thank you for your knowledge, kindness and patience in working with us. You never made us feel rushed and when we came back with yet another name for you to check out you immediately provided us with another baby chart to review along with a critique. The service you provided went well beyond what we ordered and we would like to acknowledge this.

What a great service you provided us.

Thank you,

S. Fanning, MN

When we found out that we were expecting a baby boy, naturally we wanted the best for our son. After confirming that he was in good health our next thought centered on what we should name him! Like other soon-to-be parents we spent countless amounts of money and time scouring over baby naming books but unfortunately, they merely added to the confusion and frustration. We wanted a name that sounded "right" but more importantly, we were more concerned about the meaning of our son's name and what it would mean for his future.

Based on our previous consultations with Joanne, we decided to give Numbers R U a try in the immediate weeks leading up to the expected delivery date. We write this as an exclamation that we should have skipped the naming books and consulted Numbers R U right from the start. We received a professional consultation on 3 possible names and based on Joanne's analysis, it was clear that two of the three options were not an ideal fit for our son. Now that he has passed his first birthday, we are witnessing Joanne's prediction on a daily basis and we are amazed at how accurate she really is. Without hesitation, we would highly recommend Numbers R U to other prospective parents.

Ryan and Bridget

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