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When Joanne and I first discussed numerology seven years ago, I was skeptical to say the least. Over that period of time, Joanne’s insights and skill have turned a skeptic into a client. She has produced many charts for me for titles of books and names of businesses. The one time I decided to override her suggestion, the business turned out to be a nightmare.

When you want to increase your chances for success, contact Joanne at Numbers R U. Mathematics and numbers are humanity’s universal languages. Mankind is still discovering messages left to us by the ancients. Don’t believe me? Look at the precision of the Great Pyramid at Giza. The dimensions describe the exact length of the year and the exact number of seconds in a day.

You have much to gain by using numerology. I’ve not lost my skepticism completely, just had it tempered a bit. Joanne tells me that 18 is the most powerful number. It is the symbol in Hebrew for Chai, or life.

Hank Shrier

Joanne Justis was very instrumental in assisting me with naming my business. She spent hours at her computer tweaking names, creating new names, etc. until she came up with just the right vibrational frequencies/elements for each suggested business name. Joanne is very dedicated and extremely fair and honest in her business dealings. I recall one email where she communicated to me that she wanted to be sure to get just the right name and to take my time in reviewing suggested names that if none of them hit home with me personally, she would go back to the drawing board, and she did just that until we found and discovered the perfect name. If you are serious about your business, I would urge you strongly to consult with Joanne.You have only one chance to get the name right and she is a master at what she does!

M. Brickell

I hired Joanne Justis of Numbers R U to come up with a “winning”company name which I needed in a matter of hours. To my surprise, I was given several names to choose from, all successful vibrations for a business name. It’s almost like magic knowing what the name calculates to be in terms of the vibrational patterns assigned to that particular name. I have chosen a name that will combine leadership, ambition and service to mankind and can rest assured that my company name represents the best of all number combinations and a very high positive vibration. Starting with a successful company name makes all the difference in the world, let alone the positive vibrations this name represents. I’m thankful that I contacted Joanne to rename my company as she is very professional and on target.

Andrea Casella, Owner, Premium Resource

“My Numerology reading with Joanne helped me to understand how numbers affect my life and life choices. I received valuable information to help me make decisions to move in the direction of success and prosperity. Joanne guided me through the brainstorming process and selection of a business name and information for my business card. Some of her information confirmed what others have shared with me in the past. She joyously demonstrates her desire to create positive effects toward greater happiness and prosperity in the lives of others.

Joanne has an open, sharing quality of her knowledge and a strong sense of professionalism.”

Julie Youngheart, Your Home Organizer, Campbell, CA

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