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For most of my life I have been searching for answers to help make sense of the many ups and downs I have experienced during my 26 years of living. Approximately six months ago, while returning from a trip, I happened to have a chance encounter with a stranger on my flight who spoke of nothing but the profound benefits and mysteries of Numerology. This topic definitely sparked my interest as it was something I wasn't entirely familiar with.

After doing much research I came to realize just how important numbers really are! In my individual case, I noticed that my adoptive name and current name were probably the root of some unneeded conflict! Shortly after my epiphany I went on a personal mission to find the very best and most respected Numerologist in the world. My search was tireless, sifting through different styles of Numerology, forums, testimonials and historical data. Thankfully, I am fortunate enough to have been rewarded by stumbling upon the brilliant work of Joanne Justis! After comparing her knowledge and work to others in her field you will find there is no comparison at all. If you want only the best, then look no further, because she is the person you are searching for!

If you are hesitating to consult with her, then please take what I have to say into consideration because I truly didn't know what to expect for my first reading. When she called I was immediately greeted with a soft, warm voice on the other end of the phone. My reading with Joanne was life changing to say the least! She is gifted, intuitive and full of knowledge. She helped me understand each year of my life as if it was playing out right before my eyes. She went into great detail of my strengths, weaknesses, life essence and obstacles to overcome. She has the ability to explain how numbers correlate in each instance in a way that anyone could understand. I can assure you that Joanne will go above and beyond what she is expected for every single person, never making you feel as if she doesn't have enough time for you. If during your reading, you need extra time to gain clarity, she will be there for you every step of the way. Needless to say, my first reading with her ended with me feeling a strong sense of renewal and confidence.

Along with everything else, Joanne helped me choose the most fitting and beautiful name. After a long discussion filled with personal trait comparisons, I decided to keep my first name, take on my biological father's last name, and part ways with my adoptive parents last name. You should know that Joanne is very careful and cautious of name changes because she cares deeply for the well being of her clients and knows the implications of doing so in haste.

In retrospect, I laugh, because I was armed with a list of names I wanted her to evaluate. Regardless of the scattered direction I was in she immediately and passionately helped me get back on track and suggested I stay with my biological name. Ultimately, she left the decision up to me, but not without showing me how things would be different with each changing name, even if only slightly different!

It is because of Joanne's expertise that I know myself better, and because of this new found clarity, my life has changed for the better! I feel more equipped to handle unexpected circumstances and relationships. I can honestly say, this is the first time in my life that I don't constantly stress the future and truly feel comfortable in my skin.

Joanne is not only a gifted Numerologist and intuitive, she is also an incredibly strong and compassionate human being. She is the type of person who is a friend to all. In closing, words cannot fully describe how grateful I am to have met Joanne. She is loved by many and will always have a special place in my heart.

Shilah Maddalena

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Mağaza Radyo


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