Testimonials - Name Change

Dear Joanne,

I have been thinking about you lately, feeling appreciation for your generosity in helping me. I thought I might put my gratitude in the form of a testimonial.

I spent months, hundreds of dollars, and countless hours of time consulting other numerologists, astrological analysis systems, and other methods trying to find the name that was right for me.These systems may have value but I felt that you brought more than a number system to the process. I felt you brought wisdom and balance to this difficult and very important process of discovering my “right” name. You helped me to discover for myself that the best thing for me was to return to my maiden name. I had avoided it due to a sense of shame about it, but with your help I was able to see the strengths in it and to stop running away from myself. The result has not only been that I have more self-acceptance and self-confidence, but that it created a surprising psychological shift that served to reconnect me in a positive way not only to my past but to my brothers. I hadn’t realized that in avoiding my name that I had been avoiding them as well. Thanks very much for these life-changing gifts.

Blessings to you and thanks again for your generosity.

Sharalyn Pliler (formerly Roses)

When I was intuited to change my last name, Divine Guidance fortunately stepped in and led me to Joanne Justis, Chaldean Master Numerologist. I have been involved with esoteric studies and teachings of the Ancient Masters since my early teens. As a result, I have learned to trust the value and benefits of these ageless gifts. Joanne has indeed proven to be a dynamic Master and Messenger of Chaldean Numerology Truths. She graciously provided me with all of the personalized tools required for me to fully understand and utilize the amazing information she introduced during my name change process. Thanks to her dedication and 'hands on', savvy teachings, I was guided to choose, and laid claim, to a last name that is sacred and beneficial to me. Miraculously, since I completed the legal processes required for my name change, I have no longer experienced those former conflicting "Boom" or "Bust" energies and distractions!

Kudos, Joanne!

Jeri Jarvis, Scottsdale, AZ
Business Consultant
Award Winning Artist

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