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Dear Joanne,

We cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with us today, going over Marc's chart and lining up his and Connie's charts.

The detailed analysis and involved discussion cleared up so many things for us both, as individuals and as a committed, loving partnership. Your intuitive responses to our questions were invaluable! We highly recommend this to every couple who may have questions about who they are and where they're going.

So much gratitude coming your way.

Marc & Connie
Constance E Barrett

DMA, MA The Ohio State University
MM University of Notre Dame
BM Baldwin-Wallace College

Yamaha Certified String Educator
Yale University School of Music Distinguished Music Educator

Dear Joanne,

It is customary in our families to write a letter on the first day of the New Year to the one person who has most significantly, in a positive way, affected one's life during the past year, expressing gratitude and forwarding best wishes.

So I write to you this January 1, 2012. The wisdom you have given me through your readings, along with the generosity that accompanied the whole, made it possible for us to practically resolve most of the problems that burdened us, to the point that life has become almost normal. There are still some minor challenges but with tons of patience, following the right path that you laid out for us in your readings, they will be overcome, of which I am confident.

I would like to thank you once more for your generosity and for believing that you do the right thing in extending your readings at no charge. I have used them with the uppermost respect and they have contributed to, ultimately, saving lives.

May the New Year, and all the new years to come, bring you all the health, all the power, all the endurance and all the wisdom the Universe, or however you choose to call it, holds for you. May your path be blessed and may the light shining upon you help you always choose the right turn at the intersections of your life.

Blessings and warm regards,


We would like to thank Joanne Justis of Numbers R U for providing us with an accurate evaluation of each other before we step into a lifetime of marriage. The Chaldean number system provided us with a compositional summary or a complete character analysis of each other that has greatly helped us to understand just exactly who it really is that each of us is committing to. In spite of soaring divorce rates, we feel confident that we know each other very well and we owe Joanne a debt of gratitude for affirming what we suspected to be true. We would never buy any consumer product without first doing the proper research to completely understand the pro and cons of the potential purchase; therefore, we cannot fathom why anyone would make a lifelong commitment without really knowing the make-up of your partner. Thank you again Joanne for your professionalism, sincerity and talents. We look forward to a future consultation in regards to selecting baby names.

R.T and B.V.

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