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Thank you for Who You Are and all that you do. I so appreciate all that you put into our session and all the enthusiastic advice you shared with me!

With Much Love and Appreciation,



I just wanted to thank you again for all that you have done. There isn't a day that has gone by that I've overlooked the importance of what you have given me and my family. Because of you, I am going to be changing my name soon when I master the system that you so kindly introduced me to. My love and positive energy goes out to you.




Well I just would like to thank you very, very much for your kindness, wisdom and support to get me moving forward again. I will be listening to your reading over and over to get it all!!!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...

With gratitude, kindness, love and blessing...



Your reading was amazing and it brought clarity and understanding of who I am to work on my dreams and desires and use the knowledge to be aware of the challenges that I have to overcome to become the best ME. When I am lost and have no idea where and who I am it is difficult to see where to go and make the right steps. My blueprint is an excellent guideline that will help me to strive to make the right choices for a better life.


I am thankful beyond words for the reading Joanne provided, for it could not have occurred at a more critical time for me. When Joanne went through her reading with me on the phone, I did not want to be here. I saw no promise for my life and had actually gotten in touch with her as a “last gasp” of sorts given someone mentioned that she reveals how our names describe our future. Made sense to me given my history, and at that point, I was more than ready to change it. Turns out there was more to the picture, and to my life, than I imagined. AND, perhaps not so coincidentally, my 71st birthday was two days away. This said, I resonate to the letter, it seems, with another testimonial from D.M. Kay, in which it seems Joanne has been a pivotal influence in helping us turn our lives around. Her insight, heartfelt delivery and deep sense of promise opened up my birthday weekend to far more than I imagined and from that, I feel far more possibility, self-confidence, and energy to make a difference than I had felt before we spoke. Again, there are not enough words to express my gratitude to Joanne.



The insights you gave me today have buoyed me as I now have a better understanding of myself and why I have just finished listening to the recording and am having tears of relief. The help that you have given me and your reading is priceless and just what I needed to kick-start my life after a period of downtime. Thank you for your suggestions.

Thank you so much Joanne. I’m already feeling an empowering shift in me!




Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing reading you gave me today. You confirmed everything I suspected, made me understand where I am, gave me the confidence to move forward, and suggested some fabulous resources.

I am really grateful for your skills, your wisdom and your generosity.

You are a wonderful role model.

Thank you again.



Dear Joanne,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the efficient way that you were able to explain all of the numbers to me. I feel totally secure and comfortable about my future. For many years now my life had come to an intersection that I was unable to understand. Today my natural vitality and enthusiasm has returned even stronger than originally. Thank you. My future now has a clearer picture and sound outcome.

I will keep you posted as to how the future is shaping up because of your precious help.

Love and blessings,



I probably will have so much more in a few days to tell you because the power of the real me is bubbling up at such a high rate. Each moment more clarity, passion, joy and excitement is filling the body.

When I am finished if you can put all of the experience together into a testimonial I will be grateful.


I am very grateful for the extraordinary reading I had from you last night. The energy running through me kept rising to higher frequencies as you shared more information, gave me profound insights and asked me thoughtful and feeling provoked questions.

I feel such major epiphanies regarding: thinking and feeling I was direct in confronting and addressing issues with people and myself, and then hearing your insights, questions and seeing that traveling, moving away, etc. are not only for rejuvenation, albeit for leaving 'dangling participles,' compromising my integrity and deluding myself - such a major gift this one.

And then the dance with the numbers 4 and 5 - so liberating, I certainly am changing perspectives on this interaction - this is a major relief as the tension I was feeling, due to my perception of feeling 'stuck' and restless simultaneously like a like a mosquito buzzing around my ears. This revelation gives me understanding and tools to create a harmonious relationship with the 4 and 5. Whew…

Joanne I have much to digest after this banquet you prepared for me...Right now my predominant feelings are gratitude, grace and humility..

With deep gratitude and appreciation,



Want to express my deepest gratitude for today's reading. It was very informative, supportive and timely!

With heartfelt gratitude,



I really enjoyed our session this morning. You are very knowledgeable, interesting and comfortable to talk to and the information was so accurate. I wanted you to know that I am planning to drop Darius a line to tell him how much my session helped me as well.

Thank you,


Thank you so much dear Joanne for the summary and the recommendations. You are a Gem. I thoroughly enjoyed the phone consultation yesterday. You gave me clarity and so much confirmation. I feel empowered to follow my desires and to start truly BEING who I know in my bones I am.

Thank you.

With love, light and respect,

Virginie Xo


'Thank YOU' just doesn't seem to be a strong enough phrase for my gratitude that you appeared in my life. I reference our call periodically and use our time together as a guideline for upcoming decisions - I am finally moving forward!! I continue working at my 9-5 job and am grateful for the income and health insurance and have signed up for classes to help make a decision about forward momentum on a career change. With your guidance, I've been able to think outside my situation and position myself for a "next!" Wishing you many, many clients and a healthy, wealthy 2012!



I just wanted to honor and recognize the incredible work you do. I loved your direct, no nonsense delivery while reading my numerology chart. Your eloquent, up to date and fashionable style is also accented with a wonderful sense of humor. The incredible messages are so empowering. I feel confirmed and accelerated towards my destiny. Very worthy guidance and certainly needed in these times. You have a strong intuitive side as well. I really got a lot out of your reading. Thank you for your time and dedication. I am also very appreciative of the extension of the special discount for future matters. When I find that special someone, I'll contact you for a compatibility read.

You are really great!

Warm regards and blessings,


No other numerologist can do what Joanne is doing. I have had a few numerology readings in my life but no one found the reason of my emotional turmoil. But Joanne did!!! She is the best of the best. Joanne literally saved my life! I was on the brink of committing suicide as I could no longer stand any more emotional turmoil that I have lived and experienced in my entire life. It was because of conflicting qualities of my soul that I could not come to terms with. No therapies or treatments would give me any peace. Joanne explained my conflicting characteristics, some being nonaggressive while others were aggressive and how the two sets of characteristics that affected my behavior were in conflict with each other. After fully understanding my character analysis or blueprint as Joanne calls it, in just a few days I was able to turn my life around and now I am starting to make some money off the Internet. I'm no longer a victim of my own soul because I can see the bigger picture of who I am and my purpose. Now I can apply all of the knowledge that I have accumulated in my life to serve humanity while being the hermit that I am at the same time. It now makes sense to me and it is crystal clear why I behave in the manner that I do, all thanks to Joanne!

Thank you, Thank you Joanne from the bottom of my heart.

D.M. Kay

"Wow, I was really impressed by Joanne's knowledge and expertise. Joanne's integrity and expertise makes me want to recommend her work to everyone.  It was my first time to be exposed thoroughly to numerology readings. Joanne nailed it!!! I had taken different tests in the past including Myerss-Briggs, Enneagram, etc., for a personality test. Chaldean Numerology was so holistic and comprehensive that I was really impressed.

Joanne helped me to confirm and solidify many things I had still had doubts about. The readings were right on!!! Also, Joanne's commitment to service was unbelievable. She went beyond the call of duty. Wow!!!

I HIGHLY recommend Joanne's work to everyone."

S. H. Ongoiba, CA

"Miraculous! At an extremely difficult, confusing and critical time in my life, I am grateful that I was divinely led to Joanne Justis for a Numerology reading. Using a truly compassionate, supportive, intuitive, accurate, and knowledgeable approach, Joanne provided me with clarity, insight, wisdom, reassurance and perspective in ways that made an incredible difference in my life. The insight I received helped me to better understand, heal and let go of the past, appreciate who I am and why, focus on my strengths and finally, feel more empowered and hopeful about the direction and purpose of my life. Joanne was so committed to my growth and success that she went the extra mile by providing me with a fantastic and personalized set of tools to assist me in reaching my goals more efficiently and effectively (they are working already). My time with Joanne felt as though an angel had touched me and I am grateful to her for the difference she has made in my life and will continue to make with others! Thank you Joanne!"

Shawn Hewitt, Morgan Hill, CA

"My Numbers R U consultation was very extensive and thorough. I was highly impressed with the extent of Ms. Justis' understanding of Numerology and her insightful interpretation of my report. I was also rather amazed at the accuracy of my reading. When we looked back at the states of my life, the highs and lows were all there. The numbers were startlingly 'spot' on."

Janet K., Woodside, CA

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Numbers - The Powerful Bridge Beyond: Chaldean Numerology for the New Millennium

Chaldean Numerology is one of the most remarkable insights to my life that I have ever experienced. Joanne has developed the most developed the most incredible and detailed Numerology charts to date. Her Essence charts allow us to see the patterns of our lives in great detail and give us the opportunity to make better universal choices. I would like to thank Joanne for the wonderful book and found it to be fascinating and validating to my own inner-knowing. Thank you once again for the clear insights, energy, and hard work you put into this book.

Chris Sutter, CA

I recently ordered my Basic and Essence Numerology charts and had a consultation by Joanne Justis. The results were amazingly accurate and insightful. The beauty of having this done is that it gave me a sense of empowerment and encouragement. The confirming news was that I was completing three years of Karmic lessons which was a very difficult period but now I will be going into a new beginning cycle of moving forward in a positive vibration. The Essence chart allowed me to get a holistic view of my life's experiences from infancy to my current age, plus "5" years into the future. Knowing what vibrations I will be attracting five years into the future gave me hope that the difficult time were over."

Suzanne McIntosh, San Jose, CA

"Thank," Joanne, for you in-depth Numerology report. I found it to be fascinating and validating to my own inner-knowing. It was especially useful that you ran reports on the different names I have used and to see the effects of those names on my life. Also, the chart you ran on my son who passed at age 17 confirmed what I already believed--that he was complete at his passing. You have a special gift for helping people and I highly recommend that anyone you run a chart form have a personal session with you. I found your input invaluable. Thank you and feel free to use me as a testimonial."

Carol Langley, Professional Massage Therapist, CA

"In one session with Joanne I found out more about myself, my purpose in life, and the design of my blueprint than with any other Psychic, Astrology or healing session. Joanne's accuracy is phenomenal and her kindness and service to humanity is superb. Through the use of Numerology, Joanne provides insight and clarity into your life's experiences and I highly recommend her."

Veda, International Business Owner, San Diego, CA

"Wow!" I just had a Numerology session with the amazing Joanne Justis and she really has a gift to share. It was a fascinating experience and I was able to understand how numbers truly work in your overall picture. Her process gives you a sense of knowing and peace about your journey. It also enables you to see where you were, where you are going and specific areas for growth five years into the future. Thank you for giving me such a great tool to work with. I'm grateful to you for this gift!"

Kathleen Ronald, San Jose, CA

I want to take a few minutes Joanne to thank you for all your incredible work, time, understanding and genuine compassion for helping others gain focus in live. From the first moment I met you I could tell there was just something a little different about you–a good different. 

Your heart and mind seem to reach out and welcome me immediately, as if we were old friends. How rare and refreshing it is to have come across such an individual such as yourself.

Your knowledge of numerology and of people is quite apparently not learned in an over the counter book or some weekend crash course, but that of a well disciplined student of human nature and numerology. I greatly appreciate all the time you invested to help me understand my charts as well as my family’s. It is my observation, from the time we have spent together, that I am extremely confident you will prosper in all aspects of life. Thank you once again for the clear insights, energy, and hard work you invest into each reading.


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