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I have always had an open mind to the ancient sciences for bringing confirmation and insight into important decision making. I believe that when one obtains great information and confirmations—one makes better choices in life—better choices in life then provides a great quality in one's life. Joanne's expertise in Chaldean Numerology surpasses anyone I've ever had a numerology session with in the past. She confirmed many of the past events in my life and uncanny accuracy, and therefore, I see no reason why the future events she presented wouldn't also have the same accuracy. I look forward to using her skills and talents on selecting the best numerology for my future home and office, and consulting with her on the names of future films my production company will be involved with. I wouldn't hesitate to refer her numerology skills to friends and clients in the future.

Great appreciation,

BiBi DeAngelo

BiBi DeAngelo
Entertainment Consultant & Casting Consultant
A Stars Production

Brad Walton

After meeting many outstanding people throughout my broadcast years, I have never met anyone like Joanne. No one has given me more clarity and insight with such depth, detail and compassion about all aspects of my life. Her work is not only outstanding, but she serves her clients with great passion, compassion and integrity. She has my deepest respect and unconditional support. I recommend without reservation her books, service and insights as they have the potential to change your life forever…FOR THE BEST!”

Brad Walton Former Talk Show Host for CBS Radio

There are numerologists and then there is Joanne Justis! In my work and my personal life I utilize the power of numbers a great deal, and when Joanne was referred to me it was, as usual, perfect timing. Her Chaldean Numerology technology is dead on! Having her generate your blueprint/chart is enlightening, enriching and healing. I’ve used numerology for 15 years and found Joanne’s formula to be the most accurate of the number systems. I’m so delighted at her talent that I refer my clients to her, both locally and internationally. The world is numbers based so it just makes sense that this level of information is key to shifting gears in your life for personal growth; and Joanne’s system is accurately powerful; it will open your eyes to why your life has been what it’s been and how you can use numerology to gain insight and clarity about your life experiences to understand your characteristics, strengths and weaknesses defined in your blueprint.

Deborah Peters, Change Agent
Neuro Engineering Institute

In "Numbers The Powerful Bridge Beyond," Joanne champions the validity of Chaldean Numerology through distinguishing its origin from western traditions. Some experts consider Joanne's work controversial, yet its legitimacy is evidenced throughout the ages; while colleagues in the field, including regular clients, admire her commitment to continue a pure tradition. Having experienced it first hand, Joanne's work and practice "feels" concise, almost scientific, revealing the subtle nuance of each soul’s path to rediscovery.

B.C. Flournoy "Bryan-Carlton Flournoy

Joanne Justis was a delight to have at my store. Joanne was not only extremely knowledgeable about what she does best but she is one of the kindest people I have met. She gifted me and my customers with information that left us wanting more from her. I highly recommend Joanne for any reading/consultation you wish to have as she is absolutely excellent."

Lorraine Telnack, Owner, SoulScape, Encinitas, CA

"I have seen many venues that allow us the opportunity to connect with our higher selves, tarot, mediation, astrology and many others. Chaldean Numerology by far is one of the most remarkable of those venues I have ever experienced. Joanne Justis has developed the most incredible and detailed Numerology charts to date. Her Essence charts allow us to see the patterns of our lives in great detail and give us the opportunity to make better universal choices. She is of enormous benefit to me and provides an invaluable service to my customers!"

Franco Ybarra, Owner

G. S. Mohan Viswanathan

To: Joanne Justis
Subject: Testimonial/ Book Review
Numbers - The Powerful Bridge Beyond: Chaldean Numerology for the New Millennium

Numbers–The Powerful Bridge Beyond setting the history records straight on the only accurate system of numbers. The book starts with the timeline of historical events and very informative chapters and illustrations. Ms. Justis and William Mykian, co-authors of the book, invite all to undertake a journey with her through an origin of Chaldean Numerology and its application into Life, for the purpose of improving all growth prospects. The author dealt with in-depth detailed guidelines about baby naming, business naming and core points to set with winning combinations.

In this millennium, the book is a great guide to humanity. I appreciate that her and family and William worked more than 7 decades to bring us this valuable book to the best ever.

G.S.Mohan Viswanathan Chiromant

Book Testimonial

"After years of searching for a comprehensive book on Chaldean Numerology, I have finally found it in Numbers - The Powerful Bridge Beyond. I have researched Pythagorean and Kabbalistic Numerology, and Chaldean Numerology to some extent, but questions I didn't even know I had were answered in this book, which is more of an operating manual than a simple guide. I actually took a few months to test the principles in the book on addresses, people, and pets, and each time the calculations proved accurate! One of the authors, Joanne Justis, provided me with an in-depth, incredibly accurate and thought-provoking consultation that led me to purchase this book. Unlike other readings, the information she explained extended beyond the formulas and explanations in her book. This book is a perfect catalyst to a deeper understanding of the art of numerology. It is now on my personal permanent library shelf.”

Terrah W.

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Mağaza Radyo


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