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Numbers RU uses a proven science of numbers, Chaldean Mathematics, to decode and interpret letters and numbers to produce comprehensive charts, automatically, dynamically and accurately.This is done by reverse engineering, turning letters of our alphabet into "assigned" numbers using the Chaldean alphabet formula (based on sound and phonics), and then applying mathematical formulas.

Here's what the magical formula looks like:

Chaldean Alphabet Formula

Chaldean mathematics is a very exacting and intricate science, every bit as involved as professional astrological charts BUT more accurate since Numerology is based on a consistent mathematical formula and astrology is not. Only Numerology through mathematical formulas can identify and interpret the master plan and reveal what lies at the heart of letters and numbers.

Numbers R U has perfected its knowledge of Chaldean metrics and has accurately and successfully captured a way to reveal to you the hidden code and secrets of the name you were assigned or will assign as parents or guardians.

There are no other resources or tools on the market that can compare to the reports developed by Numbers R U that provide you with the type of information we do. The material content and accuracy of Numbers R U calculations are based owell over 75 years of combined experience.

In addition, we've developed our own software program that ensures our accuracy in the calculations since we wrote and programmed the application based on the rules of Chaldean Numerology which were written down in our book, Numbers-The Powerful Bridge Beyond: Chaldean Numerology for the New Millennium.

This proven science is not voodoo or witchcraft nor is it in conflict with any religion. Simply put, Chaldean mathematics is an ancient science of numbers known to exist at least 11,000 years ago, long before any of the spiritual masters lived (Moses, Buddha, Krishna, Christ). The Chaldean system is based on the fact that letters representing sound (phonetics) have vibrational patterns, that there are numbers which identify their vibrational patterns. These patterns are then translated into a language which can be understood and used on a universal bases amongst all cultures.

Dr. Julia Seton (1862-1950) was accredited with giving the Science of Names and Numbers the modern name, "Numerology" and that's why no mention in the Bible nor in ancient times because it's a modern-day term. The world owes the Chaldeans the basic principles of our mathematics including our positional numeration and the sexagesimal system by which we still divide our circle and the basis of astrology. (Documented in Chaldeans Present and Past by Fr. Michael J. Bazzi (historian of Chaldean culture and Chaldean priest, San Diego, CA).

Our purpose in presenting this information is to dispel the myths other "occultists" have perpetrated and to finally let the truth be known.

Joanne Justis
Chaldean Mathematician

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Mağaza Radyo


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