Chaldean Decoder 
Joanne Justis, Owner, Numbers R U

Joanne Justis is a worldwide authority on the ancient science of Chaldean metrics, author, and popular speaker. Ms. Justis has been a spiritual intuitive all of her life and is a Gifted Metaphysical Practitioner. She trained under her Mother, a Chaldean Master Numerologist and together, they have provided charts and readings since 1984.

Accredited with having performed over ten thousand personal consultations and published two books, Joanne's system provides laser-like insight into a person's intellect, purpose, personal characteristics, behavior patterns, strengths and weaknesses allowing the individual to self-understand increasing self-esteem and empowering those wanting to take control of their life. In addition to offering tools for personal development, other products include legal name changes, baby naming, business naming and selecting the right dates for events and travel.

With degrees in Miracle Mastery Programs and an extensive background in Marketing, Communications and Operations, Joanne is a logistics expert by trade and an intuitive by birth.

Numbers RU is an innovative company dedicated to assisting individuals in their personal development and self-improvement journey.