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Numbers R U


Well over 75 years of combined work from three masters are invested in the accuracy
of our calculations with the intent of sharing our knowledge with the world. 

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Numerology Chaldean Charts and Readings
Since 1984

Joanne Justis
Author, Speaker & World Renowned Expert Intuitive
Chaldean Numerologist


Numbers R U is an innovative company dedicated to assisting
individuals in their personal development
and self-improvement journey and more.


Through personalized charts and private readings, Numbers R U provides laser-like insight into a person's Destiny, Purpose, personal characteristics, behavior patterns, strengths and weaknesses to establish self-understanding, which increases self-esteem, and empowers those wanting to take enlightened control of their life. With this understanding of a multi-dimensional karmic alignment of self [also known as a God Code/Blueprint), one can then make positive life decisions and set goals that can change one's life. It all starts first with knowing who "YOU" are and how "YOU" are wired--from the "inside-out"--which is a priceless investment in yourself.

In addition to our personal development products, we offer many unique and customized products that are listed under our "Products" page.

Discover How Numerology Gives You 

Insight, Clarity and Options for Making Better Choices in Your Life

The Ancient Science of Numbers Defined

Numerology is the ancient science of numbers or mathematical system that reveals the significance of numbers, and how the vibrational patterns or energy frequencies contained within numbers can influence your life and your future. Numbers define order and structure...and are measurable and predictable...

A person's name and birthdate unveil a unique design or blueprint that reveals an individual's full potential for this lifetime. Chaldean Numerology decodes, deciphers and extracts the CODE that resides within each name and birthdate assigned at birth with precise accuracy. This system is a derivate of the Hebrew alphabet based on sound and phonics dating back to 4004 BCE (Before Common Era) and when history was first recorded.

The belief in Numerology is easier to grasp when put into context with realizing how the entire world revolves around numbers and mathematical equations. Everything boils down to numbers and the importance of numbers in our lives is endless. We are issued social security cards, driver licenses, phone numbers, bank account numbers, street addresses, etc., so it only stands to reason that the numbers we were born with play an integral role in determining our blueprint on our journey. Whether or not you believe in the science of numbers, it is always subordinate to the individual's belief system and their power to want to change their destiny since we all have free will.


Know Thyself is a famous quotation by Socrates. It simply means that once we can understand ourselves, we are better equipped to understand others. A man at war with himself will be at war with his neighbors.
Understanding ourselves precedes peace.

Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician, philosopher, spiritual leader and scientist proved the
 system of numbers was valid and accurate... but which system? After his school
was burned down, from that point on, this ancient system of numbers dating
back to 4004 BCE was passed down "secretly" from person-to-person 
since they dared not take another chance that their 
records would be destroyed again.


Chaldean Numerology is Beyond, Beyond Magic!!!


Knowledge is Power