Chaldean Mathematical Esoteric Science

Joanne Justis
Author, Speaker & Chaldean Mathematician


Numbers R U is an innovative company dedicated to assisting
individuals in their personal development and more.

NRU has broken and deciphered the Chaldean Code of numbers using the mathematics of sound frequencies and developed algorithms to reveal your hidden capabilities, behavior patterns, opportunities, development areas, and life lessons.  Each person is born with a map or blueprint but few people know a map exists.  

Using math, science and technology, we are able to produce a unique dynamic comprehensive personal development reports with precise accuracy which spans your experiences from childhood through adulthood. With this information, you are more likely to improve your communication skills and enhance relationships with everyone in your life -- and those to come. In addition, you will gain an understanding of your best self and your full potential assigned to you at birth.

                             NRU offers the following products and more for Singles, Partners & Family:

                                                                    * Personal Development
                                                                    * Partner Matching
                                                                    * Relationship Compatibilities
                                                                    Legal Name Changes
                                                                    * Baby Name Evaluation
                                                                                                   * Business Branding


Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician, philosopher, and scientist proved the
 system of numbers was valid and accurate... but which system? After his school
was burned down, from that point on, this ancient system of numbers dating
back to 4004 BCE was passed down "secretly" from person-to-person 
since they dared not take another chance that their 
records would be destroyed again.